Proxy Access

Proxy Access is where someone is given access to another person’s medical record.

For example:

  • A parent or guardian who is legally responsibility for a patient under 11
  • A parent or guardian where a patient aged 11 or over has given express permission
  • A parent or guardian who has legally responsible for a patient between 11 and 16 whose GP has assessed that the patient isn’t capable of making their own decisions regarding medical health
  • A carer for a patient over the age of 16 – we would need consent giving them permission The proxy does not have to be a registered patient at the practice, but must be registered for online services on the GP system and always use their own login credentials

To be given proxy access, a patient’s representative must have the informed consent of the patient or, in cases where the patient does not have capacity to consent, the GP has decided that it is in the best interests of the patient for them to have proxy access.